The Women in Science project is a project aimed at promoting gender equality in science. This project is supported by an EDI campaign and an event held at the fictional Ontario Science Museum. The design of the project's promotional materials, including posters, brochures, and billboards, is based on a visual language that reflects the theme of gender equality and underrecognition of women.

The typefaces selected for the design include Pangram Pangram's Neue Machina as the leading typeface and Neue Montreal as the secondary typeface, which work together to create a cohesive and impactful visual language. Various justifications have created a sense of balance and harmony in the design. Blurred portraits and bodies have been used to create a foundation for the design and also to symbolize the under-recognition of successful women in science history.

Project: Portfolio Development Course Project
School: Humber College
Instructor: Eric Forest
Service: Poster Design, Motion Graphics
Typeface: Neue Machina, Neue Montreal
Year: 2023
Achievements: Honourable Mentions for 2023 RGD Student Awards